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North West trails of Marsh Creek State Park

I captured these images during a fall walk along the North West trails of Marsh Creek State Park in Chester County, PA.

These images share some of the views during my 5+ mile walk, and thankfully, the there was no real rain to speak of during my outing.

Once again, the storm clouds added some drama to the scenes.

Hope you enjoy!

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Founder’s Way Point – Marsh Creek State Park

During a walk  around Founder’s Way Point in Marsh Creek State Park, Chester County, PA, I took these images.

As you can see, this is a great area to both hike/walk or mountain bike!

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Large Tree Mushroom

A couple of days ago, I was walking through this area of Struble trail, and saw this series of large orange tree mushrooms.  Unfortunately, I did not have my tripod for the required shot that I had in my head.

Fast forward today…

Large Tree Mushroom

This is a series of (3) exposures for the HDR work, but shot at F22 with my Canon EF 28-135 IS USM lens.

These specimens range in size. The one on the left, mid frame, is easily 12 inches long!

I’m also still trying to identify this species of tree mushroom, so if you know, please contact me!


2014-Nov-26 16:48Having now skimmed through several of the References listed, I think this is either an “Artist’s Conk, Artist’s Bracket, Flacher Lackporling” Ganoderma applanatum (Fomes applanatus) or a “Sulfur Shelf, Crab of the Woods, Chicken of the Woods, sulphur polypore”, Laetiporus sulphureus (Polyporus sulphureus).

2014-Nov-28 17:03 – By request, I have added another images of these specimens .

Large Tree Mushrooms Large Tree Mushrooms


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Fireworks time again!!

It is that time of the year again for fireworks!!

For those of you in Chester County PA area, here is a guide to local events that my friends of at County Line Magazine put together!

Where to Find Fireworks? (PDF)

My fellow photographer friend, Dan Potter, also put together a nice list of do’s and don’t when photographing fireworks!

I do take issue with his Bulb settings (#2) comment.

Looking back into my collection…

  • Canonet (circa late 1960s) – B on the Lens
  • AE-1 (circa early 1980s) –  B on the Dial
  • F-1 (circa mid 1980s) – B on the Dial
  • PowerShot A70 (circa early 2000s) – M on the Dial
  • PowerShot SX130 (circa early 2010s) – M on the Dial
  • Rebel XTi (circa 2007) – M on the Dial
  • Rebel T5i (circa 2014) – M on the Dial

What my data suggests, that you might be referring to an older analog film based camera, and if memory serves me correctly, Nikon did the SAME THING on their line during that time!

In both cases (Canon vs Nikon), it was the nature of analog film cameras to have the Speeds on the Upper Dial and the Aperture on the Lens itself.

These days, both are done via the various digital modes, one being (M)anual.

Dan also makes a good point to “know your location” and to be able to “adjust quickly”. (#4)

In the various years that I have photographed the Good Neighbor Fireworks, their launch area does seem to be a moving target from year to year!

In any case, enjoy the tips and have a GREAT 4th of July Weekend!!

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Cool Moth!

Madison and I Were on the deck checking out the garden, and as I passed our dessicated cactus, I noticed something interesting, and said “Cool!”

“What?” said Madison, as she moved to my side, looking where I was staring. Then she jumped behind me once she realized what she was looking at!

After a brief moment, she moved forward and said “That’s cool!”

Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 01
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 01
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 02
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 02
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 03
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 03
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 04
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 04

The two of us spent a few more seconds looking at the moth before I went and got my camera.

If you have any idea what type of moth this is, please let me know!

It has been suggested that this is a pug moth, but with a quick look, one can see that there are hundreds of pug moths.

Many thanks in advance,

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140516 15:36 – After joining BugGuide,net, I posted one of the pictures above, and within 15 mins, I was able to identify this critter as a Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum).

What do you think?

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